Let’s say you buy an all-inclusive package tour…

Your vacation is all planned out in advance by a rep, you just laze by the pool, cultural knowledge comes a travel-guide, and local interaction is limited to “Another beer, please”.

Kinda sounds like the vacation your parents would take, right? And you want a summer to truly remember and to meet real friends for life.

And that’s why we at IEC have given over 100 000 students the great opportunity to work and travel in the US since 1989 – and enjoy truly unique adventures.

Work and Travel USA is your first step into a brave new world. A world independent from your parents for a while, striving to get by and earn money yourself…and whether this summer is the best ever depends on YOU.

So…interested in an exciting challenge?

Work and Travel USA combines hard work with a great vacation. That’s why for students it’s pretty much the most interesting and affordable way to experience the awe-inspiring USA. So - discover this country like never before during your next summer vacation! Work and Travel USA is SO MUCH MORE than three to four months of summer work in the US in hotels, restaurants or amusements parks. It’s about making new friends from all over the world, fabulous adventures, and inspiring journeys. Check out the program profile below. Listen to Discover the World with Work and Travel. Then pack your bags and take off!

Who can participate?
Full-time university students aged 18 to 28 with everyday English knowledge

Applications accepted
September thru April 2020

Program length
2.5 – 4 months

InterExchange has been the Work and Travel USA program sponsor for 50 years.

Over 80% of program participants want to do it all AGAIN next year!
94% of participants rank their work and travel experience with IEC as GOOD or EXCELLENT
90% earn back their program costs
70% of applicants find us through word of mouth – the most trustworthy referral

Program options

Work and Travel with IEC – awesome adventures for 30 years


Work exchange programs promotion has been our core business for over a quarter century! As most of our team have participated in the Work and Travel program our experience, knowledge and expertise are all at your service.

Peace of mind

All Work and Travel USA program participants get insurance coverage of $100 000. We will tell you everything you need to know about safety measures and how to best prepare for your trip of a lifetime.


The J-1 visa allows you to legally stay and work in the US during your summer holidays – just like US citizens.


Interviews can be stressful. So we’ll lessen your load by doing all we can to help you prepare for a successful visa interview by providing all the necessary info. We’re here to answer any questions you have about your trip to the US, and once you touch down and start the program you can contact the program sponsor anytime at through the 24-hour emergency hotline.


Our program fee structure is transparent and easily understandable – with just two payments towards the program cost and no extra hidden fees.


IEC has established offices in 14 countries, where students have been enjoying our work and study abroad programs since 1989. We are pleased to be judged by how many satisfied students annually apply for another IEC program – ready for more great adventures!

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Your schedule thru September 2020

September 2020 – March 2021

OK, so let’s get started:

First you’ll have a short Skype interview – which is also a great opportunity for you to ask any questions about the application procedure. When everything checks out we’ll send a Work and Travel program agreement for you to sign. At which time you’ll pay the initial program fee.

Complete the on-line application

Register on Exchange! by completing the application form – it’s the social network for students just like you: work abroad program participants!

Get a job in the US

Work and Travel self-arranged participants look for jobs in the US themselves, while Full Service participants receive job offers from the program sponsor. After the job offer is confirmed the program sponsor sends you the DS-2019 form.

March — June 2020

Pass the visa interview, get insurance, receive info package

Your local US Embassy conducts visa interviews - usually between one and three weeks from appointment to interview date. After your visa is issued, we’ll send you insurance proof and program info materials.

May – June 2020

Fly to the US

Almost there!

So you’ve navigated all levels of the Work and Travel USA journey – congratulations! Now only the airport departure lounge awaits!

You’ll work and travel in the USA - and have the time of your life on your American working holiday!

August – October 2020

Home, sweet home

When you get home after the Work and Travel program you can apply for a tax refund for most deductions from your earnings. You can even use this tax refund to cover your initial program deposit if you fancy reapplying for the program!

As you can see - everything is simple!

Apply now!

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