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There are about 10,000 children's camps in America, in which more than 7 million children have a rest every year. That is, the United States is the real leader of the world camp movement. As a rule, all camps are located outside the city, in picturesque places, in the forest, on a river or lake, or maybe by the ocean.

There are different types of camps in the USA: sports, scouting, private, family, camps for children with disabilities, as well as religious camps. There are camps where children are only from morning to evening, and there are those where they live throughout the entire shift. Children come to the camp to relax and have fun, so you can always find everything for creativity, needlework, sports, water activities, etc. Of course, the list, as they say, “activities” (activities) varies from camp to camp, depending on its type, but the general meaning is this: leisure can be spent actively and profitably.

Campers live, as a rule, in wooden houses. Counselors usually live in the same house with 8-12 children and 1-3 other participants in the program. And Support Staff usually live in the same house with 2-5 other members. Almost all camps have computers and free internet access that you can use in your free time.

Что говорят?

This summer was the most fantastic in my life! I worked in Wisconsin, and then traveled all over the country. Now I have a lot of interesting friends. I'm really happy! (I even drove a small plane and a speedboat myself!)

Sophie Gagua, Moscow

The camp was simply magnificent - both the staff and the children. And, despite the fact that I worked as a service staff, I took part in a large number of activities with children and camp leaders. And most importantly, I now have so many good friends from all over the world and have so many great memories!

Pavel, Czech Republic

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