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650 $

Camp in USA: work in summer camp in USA

Work in the summer children camps in USA is the oldest program, which offers International Exchange Center, first participants have taken part in this program in 1989. Actually from this program has been started International Exchange Center. Participants work in the summer camps for children in USA as Counselors or Support Staff. In the option of Camp Placement — sponsor will find summer camp, but in the option Self Placement participants should to find work by themselves.

Why should I take part

Only for 650$ you will come to summer camp in USA for 3 months and spend holidays on the nature, also getting salary for it. Participants will get free days (1 or 2 per week, depends on a camp), so you can combine work with rest. Summer Camp in USA is an unique place, where you can meet students from different countries. In a camp will work local and international staff, you will have possibility to improve your language and get new friends worldwide.

How much

First payment — $300 + $ 35 Sevis (does not included in the cost)


General requirements:

  • English language level — Upper Intermediate (for Counselors). For Support Staff it is enough if you will have good speaking level;
  • 19-28 years old;
  • Without experience of participation in the program “Work and Travel USA”;
  • You should to be prepared to work minimum 8 weeks (you will not be able to depart earlier);
  • Participant should to have filled Application form from IEC;
  • Participant should to have following document package: recommendation letter from teachers or employers, document of study confirmation, medical report, criminal background report).
Special requirements:

For Counselors:
— It will be great if you have work experience with children. Additional skills as playing guitar, riding, archery etc. will be bonus for you.

For Support Staff:
— Work experience is not required, but appreciated.

Self Placement option: application should to be send before 1 May;

Camp Placement option: application should to be send before 1 April.

Included in the price

  • Recruitment (Camp Placement option);
  • Form DS-2019, which allows to work in USA;
  • Accommodation and meal in a camp;
  • Support materials;
  • Medical insurance for 3,5 months.

Not included in the price

  • Consular fee (160 $);
  • Airfare;
  • Transportation to employer.

Piastrs, salary, Piastrs!

In Camp Placement option: at least 1700$ for 8 weeks.

Salary for Self Placement option should to be discussed with employer.

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