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The United States of America is a very self-sufficient country, separated by two oceans from the rest of the world, confident (somewhat rightly) that here is the most suitable place to live on earth. You need to learn not to be surprised that Americans have no idea about the city, and maybe even about the country where you live, and that learning foreign languages ​​is not their most common hobby or required subject at the university.

Americans are generally easy to get to know, they are sociable and sometimes even too friendly (it's hard to get used to the fact that the person you meet for the fifth time in a day blurs into another "Hi! How are you today?"). But maybe in some things it is worth trying to be like the Americans, at least for the time limited by your arrival - after all, it is not so difficult to smile first.

What others are saying?

I learned such useful things as the ability to live in harmony with other people and with myself, and learned to be more independent. And if someone doubts whether to participate or not, I can only say: “Go ahead!” And enjoy every day of the program - the year will fly by very quickly, and every day you will learn something new.

Celia, Spain

What was written?

Poor is the teacher of children who does not remember his childhood.

Maria von Ebner-Eschenbach

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