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Representative offices in cities



Required documents:

  • Filled Application form;
  • Recommendation letters, which confirms the experience of childcare (at least 2).

The great advantage will be if you have work experience with children younger than 2 years old (at least 200 hours).

  • Characteristic from your teachers or employers (at leas 1);
  • Interview report of English language evaluation with IEC representative;
  • Psychological test for Au Pair;
  • Letter in English language for host family;
  • Copy of Secondary education diploma and its translation;
  • Copy of driver’s license.

Also is necessary to provide driver’s license of international pattern (participant can provide them after he will get invitation from host family).

  • Medical report, filled by family doctor;
  • Copy of passport;
  • Non-criminal record;
  • Photo collage (color photos with friends, with family, where you worked and their children);
  • 1 photo of passport photo standard with smile.

All documents should to have translation on English.

Knowledge and experience exchange

Peope who have already studied and worked abroad are happy to share their impressions and provide useful information on IEC pages in social networks.

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