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Every year Thailand is visited by millions of tourists from all over the world. Thailand is a country of endless variety with kilometers of sandy beaches, greenish-blue seas and warm seawater, mild climate, exotic natural scenery, animals and plants, colorful and colorful markets. Thailand also attracts with its rich culture and hospitable, open and friendly people. It is also worth noting that education is highly valued in Thailand, and teachers enjoy great respect and authority in Thai society. Knowledge of English is perceived in Thailand as a guarantee of a successful career and a well-paid job. Also, in recent years, Thailand is undergoing a restructuring of the education system, aimed at rapprochement with the Western educational system. As part of these reforms, the teaching of English in primary or secondary schools is given special attention. The Thai government has set up a project called the English Program where students learn subjects such as math or art in English. These innovations have created a demand for qualified English teachers.

What others are saying?

“I am proud that I successfully completed the TEFL/TESOL course. The host organization gave me great support, without which I could not have done it. The course took place at a fairly intense pace, there was a lot to do and learn in a short time. But the course teaches a fairly effective method of teaching English. I also want to thank my teachers and classmates for a wonderful 4 weeks of study.”

Arno Rurus (Holland)

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