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New Zealand has long been one of the most promising and desirable countries in the world. According to the American Geographical Society, it ranks first in the attractiveness of life. In New Zealand, many valuable breeds of sheep, varieties of apples were bred, and a number of new hybrids that conquered the whole world were created, one of which - yes, kiwi! Actually, this is what the inhabitants of this country are called half-jokingly: kiwis.

By the way, did you know that:

  • On the islands of New Zealand, there are still animals and birds that live only here: the kiwi bird, the kakapo owl parrot, the kea bird, etc.
  • From March 2005 to August 2006, New Zealand was the only country in the world in which all the highest government posts were held by women: Governor General, Prime Minister, Speaker of Parliament and Chief Justice. This is the only such case in world history. During the women's rule in 2006, the country was visited by a record number of tourists - 2,422,000 people. They spent 6.5 billion dollars.
  • New Zealanders are particularly friendly and laid back and enjoy interacting with people from other countries.

What others are saying?

The biggest impression during the filming of The Lord of the Rings was the discovery of New Zealand. And even more valuable - getting to know people who turned out to be completely different from the Australians.

Ian McKellen

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