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Agricultural Trainee in New Zealand

1495 $

Agricultural Trainee in New Zealand

This is for those, who are interested to do some work on modern farms or vineyards and travel at New Zeland  country of transparent lakes, meadows and hyleas.

Internships are offered in next areas: vine making, farms, cattle breeding, horse breeding, pig breeding, vegetable-growing, gardening, poultry farming of and other.

Why should I take part

This program is an perfect for those, who are willing to receive international experience, working on the most modern farms or vineyards in New Zeland. Agriculture are the basis of economy of this country. Local farmers are known for their innovative and productive methods.

But work  it only one part of the program. During personal time, you will be able to enjoy unique nature of New Zeland and to take advantage of numerous possibilities of active rest. Only a few from them: hiking in mountains and forests, water sports, roller skates on skying, bungee jumping and etc.

How much

1495 $

First fee — 300 $.

Medical insurance — 980 $ в год.


Participants must have one year work experience in agriculture and international driving license. Also, it is necessary to know English at basic level. Age of participants  18-30 (21-35 for the vine making).It is not necessary to be a student.

Documents should be submitted 4-5 month before program start date.

Included in the price

  • Employer
  • Meeting at the airport
  • Accomodation and food (if provided by employer)

Not included in the price

  • Airplane ticket
  • Medican insurance
    • Accomodation and food (if not provided by employer)

Piastrs, salary, Piastrs!

Minimal salary NZ 12,75 $ per h. (Applicants are working 40-50 hours per week).

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