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Internship in Mexico

750 $

Internship in Mexico

Internship program in Mexico is an interesting chance to experience a few exciting months in the country of bright paints and tart smells, giant megalopolises, super-modern resorts and little mountain hamlets. Although it is North America, it indeed has south colours. And salaries here are not nearly as North-American. But there are the undoubted advantages ?200 $ completely covers a living expenses during one month in Mexico, people here — open-minded and hospitable, and climate, accordingly, subtropical.

Why should I take part

Participants are taking Spanish language courses during their participation in the program, and, in the same time, are having internship in field of hospitality ( mainly — hotels), and also, as teachers of English and other languages ( in schools, kindergartens, language centres, universities and etc.). It is possible to take administration internship in offices and educations institutions. You will be provided by free accommodations in a family. In return, you will be teaching English to host family or other foresight language 5-8- hours per week. It is not required to have any pedagogical skills, but language level must be Intermediate or higher.

How much

750 $


Students and graduates, age 18-29 can take part in the program. It is required to have good English knowledge. For some openings it is required to know Spanish language, at least in start level.

Documents should be submitted at least 2 months before program start date.

Included in the price

  • Internship
  • Spanish courses (except participants placed in Cuernavaca)
  • Separate room in a host families house
  • Transfer from Mexico upon arrival
  • Orientation meeting

Not included in the price

  • Airplane ticket
  • Medical insurance
  • Accomodation ( if your English level is not hight enough to teach host family, accomodation will be paid — approx. 120$ per month).

Piastrs, salary, Piastrs!

Applications receive stipend — $35-$60 (400-800 MXN) per week.

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