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Mexican cuisine is based on a huge selection of local products: corn (maize), pumpkin, poultry, vanillin, peanuts (and its oil), avocados, chili peppers, cocoa, beans, zucchini, sweet and regular potatoes, tomatoes, cacti, and also many types of fish, fruits, herbs and spices. The main place in Mexican cuisine is corn — in the form of flour and as a drink, fried and boiled, with meat and ground pepper, with mayonnaise or grated cheese. Hot chili peppers are the hallmark of Mexican cuisine; there are more than 80 types of it here. Hundreds of varieties of various sauces are made from it, stuffed, added to a variety of vegetable salads, meat dishes, fish, and, of course, corn.

In the first place among vegetables, of course, beans — fresh and dried, fried and fresh, as a filler for cakes, soups and as a side dish — you can list all the dishes from them endlessly. Dozens of dishes are also prepared from the nopal cactus (leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds are used), agaves, beans, avocado-guacamole (used both in appetizers and main courses), mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, etc. Fish recipes are also based on national traditions — the same abundance of corn and spices as in other Mexican dishes, and the same amount of sauces and seasonings.

Dessert is most often served with excellent local fruits, the original canas asadas of roasted sugar cane, excellent French-style pastries, sweet rosca de reyes bread, scones and muffins, as well as delicious sweet vegetable dishes are extremely popular. and fruits — cherry chimichangas, corn soufflé, mango with cream, quesadillas, pumpkin in syrup, shady lady, various stuffed puddings and nuts.

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