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Mexico has a subtropical climate in the north and a tropical climate in the south. The climate of the Mexican highlands is somewhat cooler than that of the coast. Even in winter, the air temperature on the coast does not fall below +20 °C. In the northern part of the country, a small amount of snow falls in winter. In the resorts of Mexico (Acapulco), in winter, the average air temperature is +22 ° C, and in summer — +35 ° C.

In Mexico, it is customary to distinguish between dry and wet seasons. They are formed under the influence of tropical cyclones, which bring heavy rainfall. Sometimes these cyclones have destructive power. The rainy season in the country is most pronounced on the Gulf Coast and lasts from June to September.

The climate in Mexico varies depending on the altitude. The average January temperature in the northwest is +10 °С to, in the south — +25 °С. The average temperature in July in the elevated parts of the highlands is +15 °С, and on the coast of the Gulf of California — up to +30 °С. This bay separates the California Peninsula from the mainland. In winter, in the Mexican Highlands, the air temperature can drop to −20 ° C. In the north of Mexico, only 100–200 mm of precipitation falls annually, in the south on the leeward slopes of the mountains — up to 2000–3000 mm. More than half of the country’s territory is occupied by arid regions.

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