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Mauritius Island is a year-round resort with white sandy beaches and lush tropical vegetation, located in the southwestern Indian Ocean. This is one of the most beautiful tourist resorts in the world. The island was discovered by the Portuguese in the early 16th century. In 1598 the island was occupied by the Dutch and named after the Latin form of Moritz of Orange. Then the island passed into the possession of France, and after another 100 years - into the possession of Britain, and became a British colony - from 1814 until independence in 1968. Mauritius has a fairly high standard of living - with its GDP of $ 13,700, the country ranks 53rd in the world. Education on the island is free. There is no army here, and the crime rate is very low. On the island (in the Black River Goj reserve) there are relic pink pigeons and Mauritian necklace parrots.

What others are saying?

«Mauritius Island is a great place to have a good tourism experience. My participation in this program allowed me to gain tremendous experience in the hotel business, improve my language skills, plunge into a new culture and learn new things, and just relax on this paradise island of Mauritius, which combines indescribable nature, azure shores, vast mountain ranges and mix of cultures, traditions, language and unusually friendly Mauritians. Thank you so much for the wonderful time spent here!»

Taisia, our participant from Irkutsk

«I was immensely glad to have an internship on the island of Mauritius in one of the best 5* Luxury hotels in the world! I gained vast experience and a clear understanding of the work of the high-level hotel industry. Mauritius is an amazing country, striking with its local flavor, the fusion of many cultures, religions and traditions. Of course, there were also difficulties that I had to overcome, but in spite of everything, I gained tremendous experience not only in the professional field, but also in life, and these two components will be invaluable in my future life.»


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