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Why IEC?

Most students choose IEC for following reasons:

  • IEC is one of most experienced Work and Travel USA recruiters — we have started the recruitment for this program back in 1994.
  • We have a transparent program price: no “return” deposits or hidden surcharges. Our discounts and contests provide many reduced fees options.
  • We offer the widest choice of program options.
  • To make it more affordable we have a Delayed Payment Program allowing to pay a part of the program fee during the program.
  • Our applicants receive maximum set of information materials: detailed instructions on a;; stages of application process, 2 online brochures with important information in English.
  • We organise interview at the US Embassy perfectly thanks to 35 years of experience in exchange programs.
  • IEC is one of the largest and most popular Work and Travel USA agencies in Europe and Asia — we have over 30 offices in 8 countries. Over 110000 students have participated in our programs.
  • We will promptly answer any questions about Work and Travel USA on our social media or other communication means.
  • We know EVERYTHING about Work and Travel USA. That is the main activity of our company, that is why we are able to full prepare you for participation in the program.
  • Most IEC employees and representatives are former participants of the program: they will tell not only about the theory, but also about the practice of this program.
  • A lot of people think that we have a very friendly team. Friendly people work in IEC, so to speak.

Knowledge and experience exchange

Peope who have already studied and worked abroad are happy to share their impressions and provide useful information on IEC pages in social networks.

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