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Why IEC?

Most students choose IEC for following reasons:

  • IEC — the most experienced in agency of Work and Travel USA: in 1994 we were the first in our country to deal with this program.
  • We have a honest program price: no “return” deposits or ticket fees. Our discounts and contests give opportunity to participate for free.
  • We offer the widest choice of options.
  • IEC has fixed ticket price. Once you have paid for program with ticket there are no more reasons to worry anymore — price will not change, even if ticket price will encrease.
  • Our partners are ready to offer affordable loan for the program: with transparent rates and on comfortable terms.
  • Our applicants receive maximum set of information materials: detailed instructions on a;; stages of application process, 2 online brochures with important information in English and guide to the U.S. with map of all states ( more the 460 pages).
  • We organise interview at the Embassy perfectly thanks to 28 years of experience in exchange programs.
  • IEC is one of the largest and most popular Work and Travel USA agencies in Europe and Asia — we have over 80 office in 11 countries. Over 100000 students have participated in our programs. There is a song about us by УМА2РМАН and a movie by 1st chanel .
  • We will answer any questions about Work and Travel USA on our forum — largest forum in the wold (!) about this program , and on — most informative group at VKontakte on the subject.
  • We know EVERYTHING about Work and Travel USA. That is the main direction of our company, that is why we are able to full prepare you for participation in the program.
  • We have created a unique online service EXCHANGE! ( — community of people who are keen on travel, work or study abroad, where you can share your experience, learn about the United States, join other participants, look for fellow travelers and get information about different employers.
  • Employees of the IEC are former participants of the program: they will tell not only about the theory, but also about the practice of this program.
  • A lot of people thing that we have every friendly team. Friendly people work in IEC, if you may.

Knowledge and experience exchange

Peope who have already studied and worked abroad are happy to share their impressions and provide useful information on IEC pages in social networks.

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