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Teach Abroad

Do you have a dream to travel and work abroad? You have heard about opportunity to become an English teacher, but do you think what this career is only for native speakers and to get a job abroad you need to know the local language? Not certainly in this way. More precisely, not at all. Teach Abroad is the program for those, who want to learn the methodology of English teaching as foreign language and to get a position of English teacher worldwide. Online course is suitable for participants with and without experience of teaching.

At the end of course participants will get TESOL Certificate (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), which confirms the qualification of teacher and equates the level of English to the native speakers.

Online course consists of:

 Theoretical materials in module system

 Materials of teaching methods

 Materials of concrete specialization of teaching

 Final exam

Work conditions after finishing of online course:

 Countries: Guatemala, Ecuador, Panama, Columbia, Mexico, China and work for summer period in Spain and Italy

 Working contract about for a year

 Teach 20-25 hours per week

 Monthly salary and bonus pay

 Paid holidays and sick days

 Free Airfare and Accommodation*

 Free Medical Insurance*

* Normally employers provide free accommodation and pay for airfare, medical insurance and Visa formalization.

Why should I take part

Do not miss your chance to take a part in the program and get a job abroad. Participants have unique opportunity to pass online exam without living the home. Work abroad will be first step for those, who start the career and new step for participants, who have work experience of teaching.

How much

Program costs $995


  • Age: from 18 years old
  • Language level: Advanced
  • Work experience as a teacher: not obligatory

Included in the price

  • Online course
  • Advanced TESOL Certificate, will be send by regular post (for courier delivery is necessary to pay extra $100)
  • Job Offer
  • Registration and support

Not included in the price

  • Accommodation*
  • Airfare*
  • Medical Insurance*
  • Visa formalization*

*In case if employer does not offer this.


Piastrs, salary, Piastrs!

Minimum monthly salary:

  • Guatemala, Ecuador, Panama, Columbia, Mexico: $400-$500
  • China: $1000

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