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Secondary Schools Worldwide


Secondary Schools Worldwide

Language of education and countries: English (USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, China); German (Germany); Spanish (Spain, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador); French (France); Italian (Italy); Japanese (Japan); Portuguese (Portugal).

Students attend public or private Secondary schools and live in host family or residence for students. All this gives them the opportunity to understand another culture, improve the language and to acquire new knowledge.

Each school individually determine the age of international students. Some of schools can take students from 8 years old, but not all parents are ready to send such small child to study. Normally for study abroad go 13-14 years old children or students of high school.

In primary and secondary school are taught general subjects. In a high school (sometimes in secondary school) are taught specialized subjects.

To improve language level schools offer language courses for international students.

Depends on country education can be for trimester or semester. Normally education starts in September, January or April.

Why should I take part

What is different of education abroad? How live children in another countries? How many lessons they have? What children learn abroad? What marks they get? What perspective overseas education abroad? All this you can check by yourself, during study abroad.

How much

Cost of education starts from $5000


  • Successful results of interview before registration in a Secondary school;
  • Age should correspond to school request;
  • Participant should: to study foreign language more than 2 years, provide education transcripts, to have an experience of living away from home, to have an interest of another culture, language and education abroad.

Program duration is trimester, semester or academic year.

Each school has own education start date. If study process starts in August-September, the deadline of documents submission is March. If study process starts in January, the deadline of documents submission is January.

It is better to apply for a half a year or a year before education start date.

Included in the price

    • Administration fee;
    • Registration fee and cost of study;
    • Accommodation and meal;
    • Transfer form airport;
    • Coordination upon arrival;
    • Support during study process.

Not included in the price

  • Visa;
  • Airfare;
  • Medical insurance;
  • Educational materials;
  • Exams;
  • Activities and travel;
  • Pocket money.

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