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Kaplan International Colleges

Kaplan International Colleges is a leading company for teaching English to international students, with schools in the largest and most exciting cities in the world.
Come to language schools in the USA and immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of the cities of this amazing country! The windy city of Chicago, hot Los Angeles, the capital of the world New York — choose a city with your character and go on an “educational” journey with us. In New York, for example, English courses on the 63rd floor of the Empire State Building or in Manhattan’s trendy youth district, the East Village, will leave an unforgettable impression. In Chicago, the school is located on the huge campus of the Illinois Institute of Technology, making it a favorite destination for students from all over the world. In California, you can study on the Berkeley campus, where there is amazing nature and an active student life. In Los Angeles, or in Santa Barbara with its endless beaches and Spanish architecture, or in the very center of San Francisco, which many consider the most beautiful city in America. And located in Boston, in close proximity to Harvard University, the school in Harvard Square will give you the opportunity not only to improve your English, but also to feel the spirit of the famous university. English courses in the USA are offered at 20 schools across the country.
There are 2 schools in Canada, one of which is located in the center of Toronto, which has repeatedly ranked first in the ranking of cities with the best living environment, and in Vancouver, perhaps the most beautiful city in Canada, next to which there are famous ski resorts. If you are going to good old England, you also have a choice where to go: to cosmopolitan London, or maybe to Oxford or Cambridge, where the best traditions of education have been preserved for many centuries?
And why not go to study abroad on the south coast of England — in Torquay or Bournemouth — where you can combine your studies with a vacation at sea? English courses in the UK are offered at 10 schools. English courses in Australia can be studied in 6 schools, both on the west and on the east coast. Coming to Australia, you combine an amazing trip to the most amazing continent with first-class English courses. Get a tan, learn how to come to the office in shorts according to local customs and answer all problems with the same “No worries!”. We offer English language programs in Australia’s sunniest and most vibrant cities. In Sydney, the school is close to the famous Hyde Park and the Opera. You can also learn English on the West Coast in Cairns, next to the Great Barrier Reef, or you can in Perth, here summer is all year round, breathtaking beaches, surfing, and also a fun nightlife!
And you can also study English in Auckland in New Zealand, in Dublin, Ireland, in Gozo and Sliema, in Malta.


“I am no longer afraid to speak English! Here you just have to communicate on it and it’s not so scary! Come to Kaplan School!”
Аlina, Ukraine.

“English is a simple but very difficult language. It consists of some foreign words, which are also incorrectly pronounced”. Kurt Tucholsky.

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