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805 €

Work in France

Le programme work in France - c'est une emploi en France- ? Paris, en c?te d'azur, ou en stations de ski dans les alpes. Work in France program is an analogue of Work in Travel USA flavored by unique french charm, accent and croissants. As summer is getting closer, you may find placement in different fields - hospitality, tourism, sales and etc., basically , any position that does not require specific qualification or knowledges ( although, having some experience is always better). Job search starts after your arrival arrival to France. Participants are offered with up to 5 interviews with potential employers.

Why should I take part

“Savoir vivre” which stands for “art of living” is the main concept of French civilization. This “art” is exactly what you will be studying, while participating in the program. And, really, who does not want to live a life of French student on vacations? You will have an opportunity to earn good money, meet new people and get new experience!.

How much

  • 1060 — 1090 € (Placement search is done by program sponsor)
  • 630 € ( Self Placement option)
First fee — 300 €


Students and graduates can be accepted for the program. Good French skills are required.

You need to apply documents at least 2- 2,5 month before your earliest program start date. Program max. length - 4 months.

Included in the price

  • Employer search
  • Support from program sponsor

Not included in the price

  • Airplane ticket
  • Medical insurance (13 € per week)
  • Living expenses

Piastrs, salary, Piastrs!

Minimal salary is €9.40 per hour ( approx. €1,425.67 a month) before taxes or €1,118,36 per month after taxes

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