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About France

  • France is the most touristic country in the world. Every year it is visited by more than 70 million tourists (more than the entire population of the country).
  • On the territory of modern France there are now more than 40,000 different kinds of castles.
  • Restaurant menus in France are almost poetry. Like genuine poetry, many of them are not only untranslatable, but even the locals are not fully understood. “So what - but it’s beautiful, mysterious and fun!”, say the French. Learn French and just ask what you want - this is the best way to experience both French life and French cuisine.
What other are saying?

Thanks to the program, I had the opportunity to spend three months in Paris. It was a very good experience. Now, I know more about the country that I love so much, and the French language has become much closer and more understandable - almost like my native language. I also made many new friends and was able to enjoy my last student vacation. I have the fondest memories of participating in this program.

Аnna, Kaliningrad

What was written?

French culture is not about why to live, but about HOW to live

Joseph Brodsky

Nothing better than France has yet been invented.

Charles de Gaulle

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