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Internship in Paris

995 €

Internship in Paris

Internship in Paris program is a great option for students who are willing to get work experience in the field of their studies. You can work in loads of different fields, such as finances, communications, marketing, law, IT, commercial, tourism, art, fashion, gastronomy and etc. This is an “all season” program, so you can start any time!

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Why should I take part

Paris is famous for it’s innovations in technologies, arts and fashion! Can you imagine working in a city that has it all — style, class, history and most modern gadgets — an incredible, inspirational mix! Internship program may be a good start for your future career, it will lead to having lots of useful contact and you will surely increase your language skills.

How much

Стоимость — 995 €


Full time students (18-35 y.o.) can participate in the program. Field of internship must be connected with the field of studies. Good language knowledge is obligatory.

If you are not a student, do not be fear! Check-out our Work in France program.

You need to apply documents 3 month before your earliest program start date.

Program max. length — 2-12 months.

Included in the price

Employer search

Not included in the price

  • Airplane ticket
  • Medical insurance
  • Accommodation and extra expenses.


Piastrs, salary, Piastrs!

Most of internship positions that are under 3 months period are not paid. Internships over 3 months are usually paid — minimum €400 per month.

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