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About France

Translated from French, the concept of "Au Pair" means "on an equal footing, in pairs." You become almost a member of the family, live there on an equal footing, raise children and do light housework. Every year more and more participants with the help of this program get the opportunity to see the world, expand their knowledge about the culture and traditions of the chosen country, learn a foreign language and meet new people. And all this at minimal cost, because Au Pair programs are the most inexpensive of all existing exchange programs.

In the magnificent French medieval epic poem "The Song of Roland", its hero repeatedly calls his country "beautiful France". Many centuries have passed since then. But even today, any of those who visited it will exclaim with delight: beautiful France!

Restaurant menus in France are almost poetry. Like genuine poetry, many of them are not only untranslatable, but even the locals are not fully understood. “So what - but it’s beautiful, mysterious and fun!”, say the French.

What others are saying?

«Upon arrival in France, at the airport, I began to worry and wonder - what awaits me here? But when I saw the children meeting me at the airport with flowers and a gift, all doubts disappeared, and I realized that this would be the best year of my life.».

Kristina, Moldova.

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