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Teach in China: work in China

Do you think what work in China is something from fantasy world? And to find work place is necessary to speak Chinese? If you think so, read the following information.

International Exchange Center offers program for those, who would like to get work of English teacher in China. TESOL course (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) is possible to pass in USA, in language school of San-Diego or by online course. The course is prepared for participants with work experience as a teacher and without experience. Students will study vocabulary, grammar, English phonetics, fundamentals of teaching practice and many more.

At the end of course participants will get worldwide certificate, which confirms the qualification of teacher and equates the level of English to the native speakers.

After receiving a certificate you can get job in kindergartens, schools and language schools.

Sponsor will help to find perfect employer and with visa formalization. The average salary is $1000-$1300 per month. Some of employers provide free accommodation or pay for flight.

  • Online TESOL: 120 hours of online course.
  • In-Class TESOL: 180 hours (8 weeks in language school and self-study).

Why should I take part

You have great opportunity to get professional work experience in such progressive country as China. After work in China you will have a more chances to get job position worldwide. Pass TESOL course and get work in the country, there profession of teacher is one of the most respectful.

How much

$900 — Online TESOL

$2200 — In-Class TESOL


Age: from 18 years old.

Participant should to have at least Bachelor degree.

English language level: Advanced.

Included in the price

  • TESOL course (Online and In-class);
  • Certificate getting by post (Shipment with courier for additional payment);
  • Job offer as English teacher in China;
  • Participant registration and support.

Not included in the price

  • Accommodation
  • Airfare
  • Medical Insurance
  • Visa formalization
— Some of employers offer accommodation and pay for airfare.

Extra costs, if participant will choose In-Class course:
  • Meeting at the airport
  • Accommodation and meal
  • Airfare
  • Medical insurance and visa formalization

Piastrs, salary, Piastrs!

The average salary will be $1000-$1300 per month.

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