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Study and Work in Canada


Work and Study in Canada

This workplace readiness program is designed for international students seeking training in and knowledge of transferable soft skills for the international or Canadian workplace. Students gain the essential industry knowledge and skills in customer service, hospitality, and tourism to allow them to be successful in entry to intermediate level positions in a broad range of related employment settings; for example, hotels, motels, resorts, restaurants, convention centres and on cruise ships.

Tamwood International College offers short-term professional programs with the opportunity to study, work and travel in Canada.

Program options:

Certificate Program:
Certificate in International Business and Management;
Certificate in Digital Marketing;
Certificate in Foundations of Food and Beverage;
Certificate in Essentials Skills for Hospitality Service and Tourism.
The duration of the program is 24 weeks of study and 3 weeks of the Capstone project.
Certificate Program participants only need a permit to study in Canada, so the process of obtaining a visa in this case is simplified.

Diploma Program:

Diploma in International Business and Management;
Diploma in Digital Marketing Co-op;
Diploma in Foundations of Food and Beverage Co-op;
Diploma in Essentials Skills for Hospitality Service and Tourism Co-op.
The course is an internship program designed for international students who wish to receive professional training and work experience in Canada. It consists of two parts — theoretical and practical, each for 24 weeks, respectively. During their studies, participants have the opportunity to work part-time in Canada. The average salary is CAD$11-15/per hour.

Global Startup School:

Applied Diploma in Innovation and Entrepreneurship — 56 weeks;
Diploma in Innovation and Entrepreneurship with Practicum — 64 weeks;
Applied Certificate in Marketing for Business & Product Startups — 32 weeks;
Applied Certificate in Management for Business & Product Startups — 34 weeks;
Innovation and Business Ideation Course — 4 weeks.
The Startup course program is a unique opportunity to gain the necessary skills and experience to launch, market and manage your new business project.


Minimum Age: 18 Years

Language Skills: Students must demonstrate an intermediate level of English.

Included in the price

  • Tuition;
  • Support;

Not included in the price

Airplane tickets;
Transfer from airport (Ванкувер или Торонто) $95;
Transfer to airport (Ванкувер или Торонто) $75;
Insurance ($20 per week);
Visa fee — $150;
Study materials — $450;
Registration fee — $125.


Piastrs, salary, Piastrs!

Earn money by working while you study. The average per hour salary in Canada is CAD$18-20.

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