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London, the largest city in Europe, trendsetter in clothing, music, business, here, like nowhere else, one can feel the close interweaving of a thousand-year history and the modern rhythm of life. Twin School is located in the lively Lewisham area of ​​South East London. From here you can take a 10-minute train ride to central London. A 5-minute drive south is Greenwich - here the zero meridian passes and the countdown of the longitude and time zones of the globe begins.

Eastbourne is a cozy resort town, an ideal place for a relaxing and pleasant holiday on the south coast of England. There is a beautiful embankment, neat English villages, well-groomed fields and parks are scattered around the surroundings. The TWIN school is located in the very center of the city. The school building is located in a picturesque residential area opposite the park, a 15-minute walk from the beach.

What others are saying?

«Even during class, you don't feel like you're at school. You learn without even thinking about it. In the lessons we learn a lot of useful vocabulary, and the teachers are just wonderful!».

Korali, Belgium.

«English must be known! Even the dumbest English people know it well».

Lev Landau.

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