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Edgware Academy opened in 1997. This is a modern educational institution

in central London, providing quality education to students from over 100 countries. It is worth driving 2 stops from the school on the tube (as the London Underground is called), and you will find yourself on Baker Street, where the action of the novel “Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson” unfolded. A couple more stops on the Underground and you can get to the famous Oxford Street shopping or Covent Garden with its many theaters, small shops and “historic” pubs. At Edgware School, you will have the opportunity to learn English and earn an appropriate certificate or diploma. Edgware School offers a wide range of language courses — General English, Intensive English, Business English, IELTS Exam Preparation courses, etc. Special preparation courses are also offered in areas such as marketing, tourism and hospitality. The school organizes excursions for its students to Oxford, Cambridge, Brighton, Edinburgh and other cities. Combining affordable prices with high quality education standards in its programs, Edgware Academy is one of the fastest growing language schools in the UK capital.

London is one of the leading global cities, along with New York — the world’s largest financial center. Everything here breathes the centuries-old history of Great Britain. The British Empire, “over which the sun never set,” was the largest state that ever existed, occupying

37.3 million sq. km — about a quarter of the earth’s land. It is the legacy of Pax Britannica that explains the role of English as the most widely spoken language in the world. By the way, did you know that:

Big Ben is not at all the high tower of the Palace of Westminster, and not even the clock that adorns this tower, but the bell that is located behind the clock face. In 1949, a whole flock of starlings landed on the minute hand of the Big Ben clock, as a result, the clock was 5 minutes behind.

What others are saying?

“I really enjoyed studying at Edgware Academy. I met many other students from all over the world and literally spoke English”.

Marco, Italy.

Without knowing foreign languages, you will never understand the silence of a foreigner."

Jerzy Lec.

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