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Interestingly, Argentina got its name from the Latin name for silver - "argentum". It was him that the Spaniards were looking for in this new land for them. For many, Argentina is associated with football and Buenos Aires - the city "with a touch of tango", the most "European" city in America. But it is also a country of unique nature.

Here are the mountains of Patagonia (it was from these places that the fascinating round-the-world trip of the crew of the two-masted yacht Duncan began in search of Captain Grant along the 37th parallel). And Ischigualasto Park, called the Argentine Moon Valley. And the famous Peninsula Valdes. The city of Cordoba, where the program participants study and work, is the second largest city in Argentina, with a population of 1.2 million people.

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Streets with a subtle and sweet taste of memories, streets where the memory of the future roams called hope, inseparable, indelible streets of my love.

Jorge Luis Borges on Buenos Aires

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